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About Meryl

There was a time in my life that I didn't do exactly what I wanted. I knew that I wanted a career in sustainability, but the specifics were hazy. So instead I built my career as a chemical engineer, doing work in energy and process optimisation. I was earning decent money, ticking the necessary #adulting boxes, but still, there was a voice in me saying, “This isn't it.”
Something is missing.

I jumped from one company and role to the other, hoping to fill that void, but then, it still feels the same. To be fair, my job was helping me provide for myself and my family. But sometimes, it lacked what I felt was so important in my life – PURPOSE.
Can you relate? 

I am grateful for all that I had, all the opportunities, and the connections I made through my job, but the emptiness and dissatisfaction tugged at me. I remember misconstruing that as ungratefulness, and I felt guilty for wanting more. Now I realise, it’s not that I wanted more.
It’s that I wanted to DO more.

I wanted to do more than just tick the boxes in life.
Study >> Graduate >> Get a job >> Take home a paycheck >> Move up the corporate ladder >> Buy a house >> Get married >> Have kids >> Retire (And wonder what you did and where the time went).

Knowing that I wanted to pursue a life of purpose, and that my heart was in sustainability, I started my own consulting firm in June 2020 and have expanded into a mentoring business since.
Now I show up in obligation EVERY DAY.



Help you clear your path in creating a perfectly aligned sustainability career.
To shift your life towards a sustainably focused, purpose-aligned career in this rapidly changing sustainable market economy.

1:1 Mentorship You.Inc  

To Level-Up & Build My Brand As A Leader

This 12-week mentorship is designed to help you clear your path in creating a perfectly aligned career in sustainability.

GroupShip You.Inc

I Want To Lean & Grow With Others To Build A Purposeful Career

Monthly connection with like-minded individuals looking to also create a strong brand and network to build their career in sustainability.

B2B Programs

Our Organisation Is Ready To Embed Sustainable Systems

Help your organisation understand, quantify, and overcome sustainable hurdles around energy and resources consumption.

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Meryl. She brings together a perfect combination of superb technical expertise with unmatched people skills and having the right business acumen. She has a strong entrepreneur mindset with a vision to align business and sustainability strategies for corporations looking to add value, manage risks and compliance, and provide robust disclosures to their stakeholders. Meryl would be an asset to any team.

Shailesh Tyagi
Experienced Partner | Niche ‘ESG & Responsible Investment’ & More

Meryl is a passionate and dedicated sustainability professional. Meryl is a great communicator sharing with me ways to learn more and apply new skills. I appreciated her comprehensive knowledge and application of sustainability. She has been incredibly helpful in teaching me more about the industry.

Brian Deegan 
Regenerative and sustainable communities through permaculture

I had the pleasure of working with Meryl as part of a global sustainability team. Besides her excellent subject matter expertise, I was consistently impressed with her proactive behaviors. Meryl understands human dynamics and what is necessary to implement sustainability change. She has great follow-through and an infectious positive attitude.

Carrie Sabin
Vice President, Corporate Sustainability


Find Your Purpose-Led Career In Sustainability.