10 Days To UNLEASH Your Purpose AND ReIntegrate The New You. No More Waiting To Bring Forth The Baddass Unfuckwithable EcoPreneur You Truly Are.

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Course Curriculum

Finally Take Your Purpose-Ideas Into A Money-Making EcoBiz Destined For Success

Have you been sensing the need for a change? As if the life and career you have build isn't stacking up to this deep internal calling for something MORE, something aligned, something that lights you the fuck up. Are you ready to REINTEGRATE?

  • Sick of working in a job that doesn't light you up 
  • Sad to ignore amazing ideas as you get back to "real" life
  • Leaving creativity and inspiration at the door as it isn't valued
  • Feeling dry and unmotivated by a life you have fallen into
  • Knowing you are being called to build something extrodinary
  • You are fucking ready to unleash the BadAss EcoPreneur within you
  • You want to inspire a business for change with your ideas
  • You are ready to build a life-changing empire around your purpose
  • You want to wake up with that driving fire EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • You want to create something that is your own

Join me for 10 days to dive deep into your innermost place - To draw out that badass purpose-led idea to design your new life and successful Eco-Business

Make 2023 Your Year To SHINE

Live By Design - This Is Your Time

Sign Up & Revel In the New You

Unleash The Baddass - Become Unfuckwithable - Become Truly Aligned

Going Deep

> Tapping into higher mind states
>> Let your best ideas flow easily
>> Habitual access to alpha
>> Ability to consistent successful ideas for action
>> Finally unleash purpose-led idea for success
>> Commercialising your idea & Get PAID


>> Unleashing the badass within you
>> Break out and shine
>> Becoming unfuckwithable in the face of others
>> Release fears and limitations
>> Reaching your perfect world
>> Audaciously building a 10X roadmap  


>> Market clarity and path to consistent growth
>> Accountable systems to stay on track
>> Skyrocket your personal expansion plan
>> Becoming An Unfuckwithable EcoPreneur
>> Doing what you love & making MONEY
>> Daily recoding practices for the New You

What Clients Are Saying

The incredible humans I have worked with can tell you what it is like to join my elite inner circle and benefit from my incredible programs. Helping them find purpose and commercial leverage to unleash their incredible EcoBiz into the world.

Meryl's coaching style is very interactive and relatable, so I could not help it but keep showing up throughout.
Now more than ever I am pumped up to work towards leaving a lasting legacy through my work. Be on the look out and sign up for the upcoming one, you will not regret it.

Social Impact Strategist

Meryl constantly guides us in aligning our value systems with our professional goals and I believe that she expertly tries to bring out the best out of each person. In just a little while that I have known her, she has made me step out of my comfort zone and helped me take actionable steps towards my goals. I look forward to a continued engagement with her.

Legal Consultant | Passionate about contributing to a circular economy

Completely and pleasantly astounded by the depth of knowledge she possesses in relation to sustainability as it encompasses business, startups and more. I have spoken with Meryl several times since, and I appreciate the level of knowledge and professionalism she continues to show...seemingly without end!

Founder | Circular Coffee & Food Systems

What's Inside The Course

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Module 1: Mind States

Understanding the states of mind as we shift through from waking, to restful, to dreamy to sleep.

Module 6: How To Get There

Reprogramming the best version of you that is a badass EcoPreneur with unwavering focus.

Module 2: Accessing Alpha

Alpha is a higher state of mind from beta (fully alert) which is where creativity and ideas flow.

Module 7: The New You

The mindful recoding to become absolutely unfuckwithable in the face of fears and limitaitons.

Module 3: Your Perfect World

Knowing what an elevated life could look like is the new benchmark towards living your best life.

Module 8: The Perfect Day

Setting up your days for success with key elements to become the wealthy and successful EcoPreneur.

Module 4: True Desire

Here we can unleash the deepest purpose of what you want to do, why you want to do it.

Module 9: Accountability

Taking responsibility to drive the dial forward every day in your business to skyrocket to success.

Module 5: What, When, Whom

Ground work for your new best-aligned EcoBiz opportunity that is market clarified.

Module 10: ReIntegrate

Re-Integrate Baddass Unfuckwithable EcoPreneur You Truly Are.



To Push The Dial Forward! Ways To Support Your Re-Integration Into The New You.


Finding Your Purpose

Defining your value-baseline will finally clear out the noise and the cobwebs around your business focus.
Now you can ask yourself the right questions and know what truly matters to you and your business so that you can create something that is aligned.
Value-Based Operating Baseline!


Business Manifesto

How To Envision Your 10-Year Goals With A Purposeful BIG WHY. To Drive A Business Manifesto Roadmap Towards Success In Your EcoBiz
Are you feeling overwhelmed with starting or running your Eco-Biz? Can you envision the roadmap ahead with clarity and drive?
Build That Accountable Path To Success!


1-1 SkyRocket Call

Clear BUSINESS ROADMAP - Problem & Service. Position in a dynamic market, SECURE firmly as a leader. Engage your audience to FAST TRACK your expert brand. Establish a STRONG AUTHORITY in your field, leading to prospects and Cash Flow $$$$
Overcome the limiting beliefs to EMERGE as a TRUE LEADER in sustainability.

About Meryl Sukumar

Meet the undisputed authority and expert in sustainability, helping entrepreneurs and eco-professionals build their brand, authority and position firmly in a very dynamic sustainable market. TO BUILD PROFIT & VALUE INTO THEIR SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS.

Working with EcoPreneurs to magnetise their brand and attract dream clients easily into their business to consistently make multiple-figures every months.

We Got You - Been Here Before

This program is the one to finally help you take inspired ideas which you have otherwise put off or ignored and turn them into a VIABLE, COMMERCIAL PURPOSE-LED Business. With a pathway to building a purposeful empire that is about sustainable and transformative change.


This Program Is Valued At $297
But You My Friend Only Pay $77


  • Access to course and workbook
  • Additional Bonues & Templates
  • Email support
  • Private Facebook Group Access


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Only Pay-In-Full purchases are refundable within 30 days based on full written notice seven days before the 30th day.

This is for aspiring and newly established EcoPreneurs (sustainably-focused entrepreneurs) who are ready to finally unleash their ideas in a clear and actionable way. Starting with diving deep into their place of intuition to draw upon the truest desires of what they hope to create and unleash into the world for positive impact and transformative change.

Once you process the payment you will recieve an email with instruction on accessing the course. Upon making the payment you will have to create an account/profile with Meryl Sukumar website which will allow you access under "My Courses". Please contact us if you have any issues, contact support.

What Clients Are Saying

Working with such a dynamic group of humans to build their purpose-led businesses and empires and skyrocket their progress with mindset and strategy for expansion.

Meryl - great session with you. I love working with you and look forward to the leap into next year.

Director SmartBA Business Analyst Consulting

Meryl is quite positive & progressive in her approach. The depth of her understanding in sustainability aspects reflects the way she guide and help new comers. To the point discussion and getting into details is her USP. I was deeply moved by her politeness,in-depth knowledge about sustainability and humble yet helping attitude. More power to you.

Manager - Climate Change and Sustainability

Meryl helped me get a clearer view of what steps I could take and what skills or certifications I could work on to build a career in corporate sustainability. Meryl surely has her way of motivating people to do better. My conversation with her left me more determined to keep building my work even on a Friday morning 😄

Consultant, Risk Advisory Services 

EcoPreneurs Don't Let Another Day Go Buy - REINTEGRATE

Stop fluffing around finally give your inner voice a platform and learn to hold the space even when the road ahead get's bumpy.

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