Magnetic EcoBiz Challenge - EcoBrand Generating Multi-Figure Months
Business Challenge

Build Your Thriving Sustainable Business in 10 Days  
Dates: October 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th & 12th
Time: 7:30 - 9:00 am, AEDT (GMT+11)

Learn The F.O.U.R Purpose Model To Skyrocket Your Sustainably Focused Empire Using Our Turn-Key Framework To Diversify & Grow.

FOUR Purpose Empire Building Model

  • Overcoming The Mindset & Strategy That Stops Most Entrepreneurs From Establishing Consistent $50K Months In Their Business.
  • Then the first step is about building Foundational purpose into your operations - expanding on your Big WHY, Vision, Objectives & Aligned Action.
  •  We help you curate and deliver your Unstoppable market offer that your target market simply cannot resist.
  •  Next, we expand your Reach with a magnetic personal brand to attract your dream clients and get meetings with the authority and capacity to engage you.
  •  Finally, we leverage your skills into lucrative high-paying Opportunities.

What My Previous Challenge Attendees Experience's!

Guess What My Current Clients Have To Say

Honestly words cannot describe how amazing Meryl's 5 Day FOUR-Purpose Empire-Building Challenge was...   A global ecosystem of changemakers, social enterprise coaching, personal branding 101 and VIP sessions full of practical key insights on business optimization among other exciting things about this program are all I have been looking for over my 4 years of career shift from a corporate employee to a social entrepreneur.  

Meryl's coaching style is very interactive and relatable, so I could not help it but keep showing up throughout the 5 days. Participants had inspiring stories to share about their work which all gave me clarity of purpose and focus as a changemaker. Now more than ever I am pumped up to work towards leaving a lasting legacy through my work.  Be on the look out and sign up for the upcoming one, you will not regret it.

Goabaone Maipelo Social Impact Strategist

I was able to meet with Meryl and discuss some of my goals and plans in regard to sustainability. Our session was very helpful and she gave me many great recommendations and things to think about. I would highly recommend meeting with her.

Paul Hardcastle BYU MBA's VP of Sustainability and Social Impact

Meryl is a great mentor and has always provided me amazing advice and support. She has helped me progress in my career and I would always reach out to Meryl to discuss my career goals. She is very understanding and provides practical feedback.

Swethapani Parasaram Project Engineer at Canberra Contractors

 I recently booked an introductory call with Meryl and was completely and pleasantly astounded by the depth of knowledge she possesses in relation to sustainability as it encompasses business, startups and more. I have spoken with Meryl several times since, and I appreciate the level of knowledge and professionalism she continues to show...seemingly without end!

Dean Sprague Founder of Single Origin Skincare and MelbourneChef

Guess What Previous Clients Had To Say About Working With Me?

Meryl is fun and easy to talk to, she is one of the rare business mentors who you can have an constructive spiritual conversation with. It can be easy to get caught up in the ego especially in business, if you want to be more in tune with your inner self and intuition to make the world a better place through business and entrepreneurship than Meryl can help you stay on track.

Joel Courtidis Utilizing cryptocurrency to heal our connection with Earth!✨

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Meryl. She brings together a perfect combination of superb technical expertise with unmatched people skills and having the right business acumen. She has a strong entrepreneur mindset with a vision to align business and sustainability strategies for corporations looking to add value, manage risks and compliance, and provide robust disclosures to their stakeholders.

Shailesh Tyagi Experienced Partner | Niche ‘ESG, DD, SDGs, GRESB & Sustainable Finance’ Specialist 

Meryl constantly guides us in aligning our value systems with our professional goals and I believe that she expertly tries to bring out the best out of each person. In just a little while that I have known her, she has made me step out of my comfort zone and helped me take actionable steps towards my goals. I look forward to a continued engagement with her.

Sandhya Bhat Legal Consultant | Passionate about contributing to a circular economy

I had the pleasure of participating in one of Meryl's workshops this year. What impressed me most was the genuine care Meryl has for each of the participants and the passion she brings to the table around sustainability. I learnt new perspectives about sustainability from her, and that pursuing your dreams is important (and beneficial) for your career.

Noble Varghese Assistant Manager - Corporate Partnerships

Meryl is a driven and energetic thought leader. Meryl is great at making key connections with people and influences at

Swapnil Soni EY | Senior Consultant - ESG, Climate Change, Sustainability

And If You Are Still Unsure - More Amazing Clients Say...

I had the pleasure of working with Meryl as part of a global sustainability team. Besides her excellent subject matter expertise, I was consistently impressed with her proactive behaviors. Meryl understands human dynamics and what is necessary to implement sustainability change. She has great follow-through and an infectious positive attitude.

Carrie Sabin Vice President, Corporate Sustainability

Meryl Sukumar is an approachable, honest and giving business mentor. She is an inspiring woman who is passionate about supporting other women in sustainability.

Kelli Donovan  Sustainability Fashion Designer + Product Developer | Public Speaker | Sustainability advocate | Fashion Mentor

Meryl is quite positive & progressive in her approach. The depth of her understanding in sustainability aspects reflects the way she guide and help new comers. To the point discussion and getting into details is her USP.
 I was deeply moved by her politeness,in-depth knowledge about sustainability and humble yet helping attitude. More power to you.

Alok Panigrahi Manager - Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS)

Meryl is an inspiring and dedicated sustainability professional and it’s a pleasure working with her to drive sustainability into organisations at the strategic level

Mark Cowlishaw Program and Portfolio Executive

Meryl is a passionate and dedicated sustainability professional. Meryl is a great communicator sharing with me ways to learn more and apply new skills. I appreciated her comprehensive knowledge and application of sustainability. She has been incredibly helpful in teaching me more about the industry.

Brian Deegan Helping build regenerative and sustainable communities through permaculture

Meryl is a true professional, helpful, kind, humble and knows how to put people at ease. She has provided me with many useful tips. It was a constructive and enlightening international conversation.

Caterina Gualdrini LM Management dell’Economia Sociale / MS Management for Social Economy / CSR / ESG 

Meryl helped me get a clearer view of what steps I could take and what skills or certifications I could work on to build a career in corporate sustainability. Meryl surely has her way of motivating people to do better. My conversation with her left me more determined to keep building my work even on a Friday morning 😄

Tania Roy Consultant, Risk Advisory Services RSM | D&I Project Officer at Bree Gorman Consulting

She has given me a macro view of the sector and guided me on the possible paths I could take keeping my background and work experience in mind. Articulate and approachable, Meryl earns my highest recommendation as a mentor in the Sustainability and Circular Economy space.

 Lakshmi Ravinder Sustainability Enthusiast 

She was my mentor as it was my first experience in technical field. She was always ready to help me, guide me and explaining technical problems in much easier way. Not just technical knowledge, she has extra ordinary people skills. Even today, she is constantly motivating me to do better though her start-up, and not giving up and doing what you like. She is the best person to be consulted for energy saving, optimization, cost reductions in a business.

Yash Garg Operations Manager at Agrawal Plastic & Packaging Industries

But If You Wanted More...Read On...

Meryl is a driven and energetic thought leader. Meryl is great at making key connections with people and influences at a high level. I really enjoyed working with Meryl and sharing ideas with her.
Kylie Ward  Asia Pacific HR Director at Stantec

Meryl is always taking her role seriously and is passionate about her results. Beyond her passion on driving performance, Meryl is a natural leader, and fights hard for her beliefs. I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Meryl. She has my highest endorsement.

Marwa ELZini  Middle School Principal at El Manar School

Absolutely loved my session with Meryl. Meryl was able to give me insights on what is currently happening in the space, what would be a better fit keeping my background in mind. This is considering the fact that we are not based in the same country she did gave some valuable insights and had some interesting sessions that one can sign up for.
Davishna Pillai

Having been served by Meryl,I realized that she is much experienced within,around and beyond her field of expertise.What really standouts is her ability to promptly conceptualize sustainable and community-centred solutions.

John Okoth Founder | Director | Consultant at Treeinland.

She is an experienced professional with in-depth knowledge about the circular economy/sustainability. I wish her all the best to accomplish great success in the coming future.

Shiva Kola Project Management I Data Analysis

Meryl is someone with vast knowledge about sustainability. She has a clear vision and is ready to guide with her genuine approaches.

Yudhish Rohee Sustainability Consultant

It has been a pleasure working with someone who has full command and understanding of all aspects of their field. Meryl is a meticulous and articulate communicator and I have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Jennifer Lee Director - Brighton Savoy Hotel

She has given me a clear view of the energy sector and guided me on the possible paths I could take, keeping my background and work experience in mind. Meryl is doing great work in transforming businesses through Sustainability.

Swarna KSV (PhD) Engineer I Researcher I Electrical & Renewable Energy I Climate change 


WHO IS Meryl Sukumar?

Meet the undisputed authority and expert in sustainability, helping entrepreneurs and eco-professionals build their brand, authority and position firmly in a very dynamic sustainable market. TO BUILD PROFIT & VALUE INTO THEIR SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS.

Specializing in strategy and technical sustainability, Meryl Sukumar has over a decade of experience working with a range of client's from commercial, manufacturing, industrial, consulting and government. Her focus is on helping businesses shift relationships and culture towards a streamlined circular business economy, helping her clients develop a solid roadmap to reduce energy, water, resource, waste, and GHG emissions in operations, processes and the supply chain.